This warm children’s track can embellish your project!

Leading tools are piano, bells.

This music kit is based on the original track:
Song for Baby

Included Demos:

Demo 1 (1:56)
Demo 2 (1:12)
Demo 3 (2:29)

Included Song Sections:

01_Intro_A_(0:11)_Piano, Bells, Ukulele, Percussion
02_Intro_B_(0:11)_+ Kick and Acoustic Guitar
03_Verse_A_(0:11)_+ Drums, Bass
04_Verse_B_(0:11)_Change Phrases
05_Chorus_A_(0:11)_New Chords
06_Chorus_B_(0:11)_+ Pad
07_Verse_B_(0:11)_+ Snare Drum
08_Verse_C_(0:11)_+ Pad
09_Chorus_C_(0:11)_+ Tambourine and Strings
10_Chorus_D_(0:11)_+ Tambourine and Strings
11_End_(0:06)_All Instruments

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