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Update – 27.05.2018

- Added Support for hashtag links for buttons - Added Portfolio IDs for Portfolio BG List element. - PHP 7.2 fixes for theme options

Update – 24.05.2018

- WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility

Update – 08.05.2018

- Minor bugixes

Update 2.3.8 – 28.03.2018

We have added support for LQIP ( Low Quality Image Placeholders ) which will greatly increase loading speed of your website. Please make sure regenerate your thumbnails after the update using https://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/

You can toggle this feature from your theme options > customization > lazy load

Update 2.0.0 – 16.05.2017

This is a big update with lots of changed files, which comes with lots of new features! Please make sure you test your installation on a staging site.

New license verification system that brings Auto-Update for your bundled plugins and the WerkStatt theme!
2 new demos that utilise a left-aligned header:

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